"Oh sh-sh-shit! What the hell was that thing? Wh-what's happening to me? Oh shit, it hurts!"
—Verne Bridges

Verne Bridges, also known as Havoc, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Verne Bridges resides in the Vengeance universe.

Once a petty jewel thief attempting to rip off a museum, Verne Bridge was infected with a prehistoric insect that had hatched from a displayed egg thought to be dormant. The parasitic insect took over his mind, turning it into that of a mindless animal, and violently transformed his body into its host.


After a life of committing petty burglaries on people's houses and local mom-n-pop businesses, lowly thief Verne Bridges decided to finally perpetrate a sizable heist: stealing a priceless jewel from the New Metro City Museum. After managing to sneak past the museum guards, Bridges made his way to the jewel's display case.

Unbeknownst to Bridges, a nearby room, focusing on prehistoric animals, had recently put up a strange egg-like cocoon that appeared to have been fossilized. That night, the cocoon burst open, releasing a never-before-seen prehistoric insect similar to a cockroach or earwig. The insect, fresh out of its supposedly-dormant cocoon after millions of years, saw Bridges and chose him as its first victim.

The insect climbed up the unaware Bridges and burrowed into the back of his neck, traveling up to his brain. Through an unknown process, the insect took over Verne's brain and caused a dramatic physical transformation in his body. Verne died during that transformation, and from then on, his body was controlled and kept alive by the insect. During the transformation, the commotion attracted the museum guards, who were promptly torn to shreds by the transformed Bridges (who then became known to the media as "Havoc").


In his former human form, Verne was a schlubby African-American male. He had a short black hair, hazel eyes, and a black mustache/beard combo. He generally wore standard thief-style clothes (a black sweater, black pants, and a black sock hat) during his crimes to help blend in with the darkness.

Upon being possessed, his skin turns to a Caucasian-like color with red veins all over his body, and his size dramatically increases to a height of over seven feet tall. His eyes become large and black like those of typical 'Grey'-style aliens, and his teeth grow incredibly sharp. He grows a large circular orifice on his chest that can open up like a grotesque flower. He also grows long black claws and two black tusks on his jaws. Finally, four enormous, spider-like pincer legs (each nearly ten feet in length when fully extended) grow from his back.


Verne was the type of person who didn't really have any real ambitions or long-term goals, content to commit petty burglaries and rob local stores. In fact, the museum heist that tragically cost him his humanity was his first big heist. Verne clearly had no real moral qualms about robbing people and stealing priceless artifacts from museums. He wasn't too intelligent and tended to get caught during many of his burglaries, which caused him to become that much more hasty during all later cases.

Upon becoming Havoc, he becomes extremely feral and savage. Due to being controlled by the insect, he can't speak, instead letting out roars, screeches, and other animalistic noises. He is extremely violent and bloodthirsty, relishing in causing mayhem and even devouring the people he kills mercilessly. Verne essentially died that day, as there is no real evidence that his consciousness even remains within his body; everything Havoc does appears to be the parasite's doing.


  • Super Strength: Havoc possesses immense physical strength that is only enhanced by his razor-sharp claws, hungry jaws, and immensely-powerful pincer legs. He is capable of tearing his victims in half with little effort, and his claws can puncture reinforced steel.
  • Climbing: Using his pincer legs, Havoc is capable of skittering across the ground with impressive speed and climbing vertical surfaces like most insects. In addition, Havoc can cling to ceilings for long periods of time, as the legs are more than strong enough to support Havoc's weight.
  • Egg Sacs: The insect parasite controlling Verne's body is capable of reproducing asexually using parthenogenesis. Using Verne's body as a permanent incubator, the parasite is capable of birthing a near infinite supply of offspring that develop inside large, gelatinous, blackish-purple egg sacs that emerge from Verne's torso. The parasite is capable of using its offspring as minions.
  • Acidic Vomit: Havoc can spray an acidic juice out of the flower-like orifice on his chest; this spray is corrosive and it burns intensely. It can eat through flesh, clothing, and even steel, making it incredibly deadly.




  • Verne's first name was inspired by the word "vermin"; insects are one of many animals that would often be considered vermin.
    • Verne's middle name was inspired by Edgar the Bug from the film Men in Black.
    • Being a jewel thief named Verne, his profession and name may refer to science-fiction writer Jules Verne.
  • Verne will appear in a video game series developed by TheAgent41 and User:LeeHatake93.
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