"Hum, hum, hum a little tune.
Skin Daddy's going to come for you.
First comes blood, second comes skin.
Third comes spirit, fourth comes kin.
Skin Daddy's going to come for you.
Hum, hum Daddy's little tune.
—The Skin Daddy

The Skin Daddy is a fan character designed by TheAgent41. The Skin Daddy resides in the Creepypasta universe.

The Skin Daddy is an ancient demon known to inhabit the most recent technological or artistic medium of the time, currently video games. Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been stories of people being stalked endlessly by a tall, thin, hairy entity with glowing white eyes, but very few individuals who have seen him have lived to tell the tale. Once it has chosen a victim, it will not stop stalking them until they have fulfilled whatever dark purpose it has planned for them.


The Skin Daddy's history is completely unknown. The few individuals that know of its existence or have encountered it themselves and survived believe that it has taken many forms through history. Each of these forms has corresponding with the most recent form of media or art expression at the time, beginning with ancient cave paintings and ending in video games, his current medium of choice.


The Skin Daddy is a tall black bipedal creature. It is covered with hair and has two thin arms and legs. It seems to lack feet, as it floats above the ground rather than walks. Its head is oval-shaped, and its only facial features are two glowing white eyes. It has a large "beard" on its face, as well as several hairs atop its head. It normally appears in an 8-bit form.

The Skin Daddy's true form is that of a towering hairy figure with dark skin, long fingers, and black fur. It wears a floor-length robe with tattered trim on the sleeves. The Skin Daddy's head is shaped roughly like a capital letter-T, giving it a vague hammerhead shark-like appearance. The Skin Daddy's glowing eyes are in the top-center section of his head and it possesses bags under its eyes and no mouth. It also possesses long strands of hair emerging from the sides of its head and its chin.


The Skin Daddy's personality is not well known, but it is known to be very manipulative yet quiet. It rarely speaks, usually only reciting its iconic nursery rhyme (shown at the top of the page). Due to this, not much as known about who it is, where it comes from, or what it wants. It appears to have a special preference for children, as evidenced by its chosen form of video games.


  • Manipulation of Media: The Skin Daddy is capable of manipulating any artistic or technological medium it chooses, whether it be film, paintings, television, or video games. Through these mediums, The Skin Daddy is capable of psychologically messing with its victims, causing them to view hallucinations, graphical glitches, disturbing sounds/imagery, and other such terrors. It does this to weaken its victim's mental state, making them more susceptible to its attacks. Once they have reached a weak enough state, it will emerge from whatever medium it has been using and kidnap them for unknown nefarious purposes.



  • Mankind: All of mankind


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