"Oh man, Goop! I'm so glad you're here! Some of Grex's goons are trying to ruin my party! I mean, who in their right mind would want to ruin a party?!?"
—Spiffy the Pterodactyl

Spiffy the Pterodactyl is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Spiffy the Pterodactyl resides in the Goop universe.

A perky green pterodactyl living in Rainbow Falls, Spiffy spends his days doing his favorite activity: partying. In fact, he spends most of his days throwing massive parties for little to no reason other than "why not?"


Spiffy first met Goop while the latter was traveling through Citrus Springs after Grex's initial takeover of the Gooptar Kingdom while on his way to rescue Princess Blossom, defeat King Grex, and reclaim the Magic Opals. Spiffy beseeched Goop to help him, as a small army of Grex's Minions had decided to shut down the party for no real reason other than pettiness.


Spiffy is a 3 feet tall winged creature with light green skin. He has two large eyes, a small nose, and a split cat-like lip. He has one large buck tooth and a pointed crest on the back of his head. Spiffy has two hairs on his head. His hands each possess four fingers, and he has green wing membranes underneath his arms. He has two large feet and a stubby tail.


Spiffy is a very eccentric character and has a very "wacky" personality. This is partially shown in the fact that Spiffy adores polka music and the accordion, two things that would normally annoy most people.

Spiffy is a huge fan of throwing parties and can usually find even the tiniest excuse to throw one, even when these reasons make no sense objectively. He is a dancing maniac with incredible stamina, making him sort of the personification of traits typically associated with a "party animal."


  • Flight: Being a pterodactyl, Spiffy is capable of flying thanks to the wings attached to his underarms.




  • King Grex: Ruiner of his parties


  • Spiffy was the first character ever created by TheAgent41. TheAgent41 originally wanted to be a cartoonist rather than a video game designer, and Spiffy was his first attempt at a cartoon character. After TheAgent41 switched his career aspiration, he felt too emotionally attached to Spiffy to simply abandon him.
  • The reason Spiffy does not at all resemble a pterodactyl is because he was designed first and then given a species afterward.
  • Spiffy was originally meant to get a casual party game entitled Spiffy Party. However, this game was scrapped because TheAgent41 wanted to lower his number of game ideas and Spiffy was retconned into being a minor character in the Goop series.
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