"Friends! Why must we always fight each other? No, Roxy, I don't wish to partake in 'shots'."
—Sophie Rousseau

Sophie Rousseau is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Sophie Rousseau resides in the Insaniteam universe.

Once a brilliant gardener and later genetic engineering/botany student, Sophie Rousseau is one of the world's top-most botanists due to her breakthroughs in the genetic engineering of new plant species, including one that acts as a sentry turret, one that dispenses healing-inducing pollen, and one capable of teleportation. Using her talents, this childlike pacifist acts as the Engineer of the Insaniteam.


As a child, Paris, France, native Sophie Rousseau loved nothing more than to garden. In fact, she was quite the expert at it, constantly winning award after award at competitions across the country. Her plants were renowned for their enormous size and, in the case of her produce, their succulent taste.

Realizing her amazing agricultural talents, Sophie enrolled at the University of Paris and eventually graduated with a Ph.D. in Botanical Sciences and a Masters degree in Genetic Engineering. While on campus, Sophie began experimenting with genetic tampering involving her plants, beginning with crossbreeding different plants together (creating such things as a pumpkin/watermelon hybrid and a banana/grape hybrid) and eventually learned how to splice genes well enough to create entirely new species.

After reaching a breakthrough and inventing plants capable of teleporting humans across vast distances, Sophie's talents were noticed by the Insaniteam higher-ups, who immediately sent her an invitation. Like with J. J. Fizzicle, they weren't exactly upfront about what the job entailed. Unlike J. J., who found that he enjoyed fighting, Sophie was at first horrified, but eventually took the job when she was told that she didn't have to fight anyone herself.


Sophie is an overweight Caucasian woman born in France. She has blue eyes, dark red lips, shoulder-length black hair, and thick black eyebrows. She is rather short and chubby and has a noticeable bust. She generally wears a low-cut, pale green T-shirt, a white lab coat, a pair of brown pants, and purple flip-flops with pink bands. Despite her scientific background, she generally doesn't wear any safety gloves or goggles.


Other than Wizard Puppy, Sophie is by far the friendliest of all the Insaniteam members and is one of the most "normal" of them as well. She has sort of a childlike fascination with all things plant and animal, but her inquisitive and carefree nature also causes her to be a bit naive, gullible, and overly sensitive. She is rather shy and demure unless the topic of conversation is nature, in which case she talks a mile a minute.

Sophie considers herself a pacifist and does not like hurting anyone, even minor infractions. If she herself ever harms anyone, she immediately becomes wracked with guilt and apologizes profusely. However, she is only technically a pacifist; she has no qualms about having her plants do the fighting for her. This loophole allows her to retain her guilt-free conscience while also contributing to the team.

Despite her gullibility, Sophie is incredibly intelligent about all things related to biology, particularly genetic engineering and botany.


  • Flora Fanner: Sophie is armed with the Flora Fanner, a small gun that sprays out small puffs of spores. These spores deal continuous damage over time for several seconds and can be washed off via water.
  • Peashooter: Using her genetic experimentation, Sophie has developed a handheld weapon derived from pea pods. This weapon acts as a pistol, shooting up to six peas before having to reload.
  • Botanitool 3000: Sophie is armed with a special horticultural device that dispenses one of several different fast-growing plant seeds, using soil gathered from fallen enemies as fuel. The plants dispensed by the Botanitool 3000 include:
    • Sentry Sprout: A large green plant shaped like a sentry turret that can be healed and upgraded using the tool. This Sprout fires fast-moving seeds and pinecone rockets at her enemies.
    • Healing Sprout: A large sunflower-like plant that can be healed and upgraded using the tool. This Sprout dispenses healing pollen to nearby teammates.
    • Teleport Sprout: A pair of flower bulb-like plants, one an entrance and one an exit, that can be healed and upgraded using the tool. This Sprout allows teammates to stand on it and be warped across vast distances.
  • Insta-Port: This ability allows Sophie to automatically warp herself to her Teleport Sprout exit. If she has not yet planted an exit, she will warp back to the spawn point.
  • Green Thumb: This ability allows Sophie to utilize the Healing Sprouts and Teleport Sprouts of the enemy team.



  • Insaniteam: An elite task force of insane soldiers who offer their services to the highest bidder.
    • Pinpoint the Velociraptor: Teammate
    • Deep Trouble: Teammate
    • Roxy Octane: Teammate
    • Geiger: Teammate
    • Amazonite: Teammate
    • Bigfeetz the Sasquatch: Teammate
    • Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things: Teammate
    • Wizard Puppy: Teammate
    • Mr. Tatters: Teammate
    • Radical Randy: Teammate


  • Sophie's appearance was modeled partially after one of TheAgent41's other characters, Zoe Blake, and partially after American actress Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray, Huge, Fresh Beat Band). Nikki's influence is most visible in Sophie's facial features and short height.
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