"Colin, Haze, stop clowning around and do something productive for once!"
—Ruby White

Ruby White, also known as Red-Tail, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Ruby White resides in the Vengeance universe.

Once a young Australian girl with neglectful parents in the small Australian outback town of Billabong, Ruby White found solace in a nearby mob of red kangaroos, whom she quickly befriended. While her parents neglected her and worked constantly, Ruby learned everything she needed to know about life surviving in the wild. After a group of poachers killed her beloved mob of kangaroos, she decided to train herself to help protect as many living creatures from suffering as possible.


Ruby was born in the small town of Billabong, Australia, located in the outback. She was born to Steven and Rhonda White, two amateur geologists working near Ayers Rock. Her parents weren't necessarily abusive, but they were workaholics who neglected their daughter's basic needs and wants. Because of this, Ruby did not go to school. In their stead, Ruby spent her days with a mob of kangaroos that she befriended. It was with these kangaroos that Ruby learned life skills like how to evade danger and forage for food. Her only human friend was amateur inventor Max Gleeson, who went by the codename of "Toymaker".

Ruby's idyllic life with the kangaroos was cut short when they were tragically shot by illegal poachers. With no other passions in life to distract her, Ruby dedicated her life to protecting all animals worldwide. With the help of Gleeson, Ruby became a vigilante superhero with the goal to put an end to illegal poaching. She became Red-Tail, themed after the very animals with which she had spent her entire life. Gleeson developed a special pair of boots called the Mob Stompers that would allow her to jump to incredible heights, and she trained herself in the art of kickboxing.


Ruby White is a relatively-tall Caucasian woman of Australian descent and thin build. Her eyes are of a vivid blue color and she has blonde hair. In her superhero uniform, she wears a red and white spandex suit. Her Mob Stomper boots are red and she has red boxing tape on her forearms. She has a red kangaroo-shaped emblem on her chest, a red domino mask, and a crocodile-tooth necklace given to her by an aborigine shaman.


Although she is not entirely devoid of a sense of humor, Ruby is far more stern than her fellow heroes Colin and Haze. She is very no-nonsense and is easily annoyed by her friends' antics, as she sees them mostly as wasting time. She views herself, Gyro, and Dale as the de-facto leaders of the group because they are the most sensible.

One of her defining traits is her deep respect for all of nature. Having grown up in the Australian outback, she has a strong appreciation for all living things, and harming an animal in front of her is a surefire way of angering her.


  • Mob Stompers: Utilizing a special pair of boots invented by her friend and assistant Max Gleeson, Ruby is capable of performing impressive jumps and leaps like her animal namesake. The pistons inside the boots launch Ruby off the ground at high speeds, allowing her to jump upwards of sixty feet vertically.
  • Kick-Boxing: Ruby White, inspired by her favorite animals, has spent years training in the art of kick-boxing. Her kicks are nearly lethal if she desires them to be, and she is incredibly quick and agile in combat.



  • Steven White: Father
  • Rhonda White: Mother



  • Carnem: Arch-enemy
  • General Bronson Diggs: Former enemy, current Carnem host
  • Dread Insurgency: Enemy organization


  • The name "Ruby" is often associated with the color red.
  • The name "Red-Tail" is a reference to the red kangaroo (Macropus rufus).
  • Ruby's ideal voice actress would be Australian actress Jennifer Hale.
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