"'Had, before I go 'talk' with your mother, I just want you to know, if you ever turn out gay...I'm gonna be so freaking proud of you."
—Rexas Pendulum

Rexas Pendulum is an original character designed by CobraKhay. Rexas Pendulum resides in the Niroku universe.

Rexas is the older brother of Anaxos du Lac. After dying in a fire, he was revived by The Getiri organization and used as one of their Black Agents.


After losing their parents, Rexas took care of his younger brother in the anarchic underground city of Revios. The day before Anaxos was adopted by King Lancelot, the werehouse he and his brother had been hiding out in caught fire. Anaxos escaped, but Rexas became trapped and was burned alive.

Rexas' body was recovered by a Getiri agent and brought back to life using their Blazing Excalibur, a metal arm which replaced his right arm that was lost in the fire. The Nobility that the Excalibur bestowed upon him gave him a healing factor, which healed all of his burn wounds. Getiri then informed him that he would be working as one of their special ops Black Agents.

While working as an agent of Getiri, he became best friends with another Black Agent, Black Chameleon. He also met his long time girlfriend, Levianna du Lac. He and Levianna eventually had a child, named Galahad, after her father whom she was taken from by the Getiri.


Rexas has brown skin, yellow eyes, and dark brown, curly hair.

His right arm is made of metal, and has an Egyptian eye on the shoulder.

He always wears a black sleeveless t-shirt, and black slim pants and knee-high boots over them.


Rexas is easygoing and humorous. He is shown to try to avoid depressing situations, such as not talking about Anaxos after being separated from him.


  • Fire Cloak: An ability granted through his Blazing Excalibur's Nobility. He can turn this on and off, and often triggers it by snapping his fingers on his left hand.
  • Healing Factor



  • Galahad Pendulum: Rexas always tries to make his depressed son feel better. Although Levianna and Getiri often overwork him, Rexas will often go behind their backs and help him.


  • Kurono Hazuki/Black Chameleon: Rexas considers Kurono to be his best friend.
  • Levianna du Lac: Levianna is Rexas' longtime girlfriend. Although she often causes problems for him and Galahad, Rexas cannot bring himself to end their relationship. Kurono has often noted that he can't say no to her.


  • Rexas is based on an old draft of Anaxos' character.
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