"Come, my friends, let us commence our mission! I predict a 36.82% chance of success!"
—Pinpoint the Velociraptor

Pinpoint the Velociraptor is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Pinpoint the Velociraptor resides in the Insaniteam universe.

Pinpoint's original purpose for existing was to serve as a petting zoo animal to entertain children. When the company that cloned her shut down, she managed to escape and eventually found herself being drafted into the Insaniteam as their official team scout and reconnaissance expert. Her robotic voice and constant optimism make her a bit of an oddball on a whole team of oddballs, but she never lets her friends down.


Pinpoint was born as part of an experiment by genetic engineering firm/farmland owner UnGen to create an all-dinosaur petting zoo. Using dinosaur DNA obtained from trace organic material in fossilized saurian coprolites, Pinpoint was one of the first animals cloned. To make her more docile and to complete the fractured DNA sequence, the scientists used DNA from parrots, thus contributing to her more avian behaviors and increased intelligence.

Unfortunately, when the corporate executives behind the project finally came off of their LSD, looked at what they were doing, and realized how impractical, costly, and flat-out stupid it was, they shut down the project. Pinpoint managed to escape and was eventually found by Insaniteam higher-ups, who drafted her into the team.


Pinpoint is an adult female specimen of the species Velociraptor mongoliensis. Her skin is a dull gray color, a stark contrast to her yellow eyes. Her body is covered with plumage that varies in color from a dark brown to a tan color, particularly in alternating stripes on her torso. Her feathers are longest on the crest of feathers emerging from the back of her head, on her arms/wings, and on the fan of feathers spreading out from the tip of her stiff tail.

Pinpoint wears a large silver visor with a light blue lens on her head that is attached via blue and green tubes/wires that emerge from either side of the visor and go into the back of her neck.


Pinpoint is unnaturally cheery and always seems to be optimistic about the outcome of every mission, even when the odds she has calculated of completing said mission are definitely not in their favor (see her quote). Her optimism stems from her being relatively earlier in her life and her being created in a laboratory and thus not having been exposed to the outside world long enough to gain any sort of rational perspective on life. Said optimistic outlook on life sometimes gets grating to her teammates when they see that the writing is on the wall in terms of their chances of success.

Pinpoint does not speak by herself; rather her visor is equipped with a translator that translates her thoughts into English through a small speaker on her forehead. The voice is very robotic and "bouncy" in pitch. Despite being more intelligent than most animals, she still retains numerous animal traits, such as being easily distracted by shiny objects, preening her feathers, and chasing after small animals. Pinpoint's robotic speech means that she does not use contractions when speaking


  • Dino Laser: Pinpoint's visor is equipped with a small laser, resembling a typical laser pointer. This laser fires red laser beams at her targets up to a medium range.
  • Theropod Slash: When not using her laser, Pinpoint can also make use of her claws to deal with enemies up close. This weapon is more dangerous when used while in mid-air, as she will use her foot claws instead of her hand claws.
  • Raptor Radar: Pinpoint is capable of setting up a small radar dish with a rather large area of effect around it. Any enemy or Sprout created by Sophie will be made visible through walls to Pinpoint and her teammates until it is destroyed.
  • Dino Dash: This ability allows Pinpoint to quickly dash in the direction she is facing. Hitting an enemy while dashing will allow her to quickly deal severe damage to the enemy in question.
  • Avian Attacker: This ability allows Pinpoint to better attack from above. She is capable of double-jumping, climbing up vertical walls, and gliding short distances using her wings.



  • Insaniteam: An elite task force of insane soldiers who offer their services to the highest bidder.
    • Deep Trouble: Teammate
    • Roxy Octane: Teammate
    • Geiger: Teammate
    • Sophie Rousseau: Teammate and best friend
    • Bigfeetz the Sasquatch: Teammate
    • Amazonite: Teammate
    • Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things: Teammate
    • Wizard Puppy: Teammate
    • Mr. Tatters: Teammate
    • Radical Randy: Teammate


  • Pinpoint's name comes from her speed and her ability to take out enemies with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Pinpoint's backstory is a reference and parody of the Jurassic Park franchise, particularly the actual dinosaur petting zoo seen in Jurassic World.
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