"What the peck are you guys doing?"
—Peckzavier Picidae

Peckzavier Picidae is an original character designed by Coopergang1. He resides in the Knock on Wood universe.

He is a middle-aged ladder-backed Woodpecker living in Arboria Central. He is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and has a family consisting of a wife, son, and daughter. He is the neighbor to Otto Possum, and father figure to Woodrow.


Picidae's backstory isn't too complex. He is originally from the Barren Backwoods region of Arboria, and moved to the big city to start a family with his wife, who figured the trash-covered mountains of the Barren weren't suitable for raising kids. He lives above young slacker Otto Possum, who he sees as a child of his own as well. Since Otto can't get a job, he pays Otto to do favors for him throughout Arboria Central. While scavenging the forests outside of Arboria Central for caterpillars (the currency of Arboria), they came across a glimmering seed. Mistaking it for lost treasure, they accidentally planted it, growing Woodrow, the last known Treant. He became a father figure to Woodrow and the three of them journeyed across Arboria to defeat the evil General Ryvok.


While being large for a Woodpecker, Picidae is smaller than most other characters in the game. He is white with black spots. His wings have black and white horizontal stripes. He has a red mullet, black beak, and black feet. He wears a tan vest, fishing hat, and round wire-frame glasses.


Mr. Picidae is naturally fatherly, wise, and loyal. He is good at giving advice, but is also paranoid at times. He is a conspiracy theorist who imagines crazy things about the government of Arboria.


  • Flight: As a woodpecker, Mr. Picidae is capable of flying for extended periods of time, and this is in fact his main method of movement.



  • Rapecka Picidae: Wife
  • Alpecksandra Picidae: Daughter
  • Picidae Jr.: Son


  • Otto Possum: Neighbor, Friend
  • Woodrow: Friend


  • General Ryvok: Greatest enemy
  • Sir Chalmers Watersworth: Ally to Ryvok
  • Brennan Barkley: Mercenary hired by Ryvok
  • Zombie Treant Elites: Resurrected by Allister under Ryvok's command
  • Allister: Sometimes an enemy
  • Grizzlies: Soldiers under Ryvok's command
  • Woodland Pests: Common enemies encountered throughout


  • Mr Picidae's personality and appearance is slightly based on actor Michael Emerson.
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