"Brennan, you're barking up the wrong tree!"
—Otto Possum

Otto Possum is an original character designed by Coopergang1. He resides in the Knock on Wood universe.

He is a young opossum living in Arboria central. He is a lazy slacker and a slob, and lives right under Mr. Picidae in Arobria Heights.


Otto has lived in Arboria Central all of his life. While Mr. Picidae enjoys travelling, Otto prefers to stay at home and eat caterpillar pizza. Living on his own in a small apartment, Mr. Picidae supplied him with a job as his errand boy to help pay for rent- and the mountains of pizza. This all changed when while scavenging for caterpillars in the woods just outside of Arboria Central with Picidae they found the seed of the last remaining Treant. This Treant, known as Woodrow, soon became Otto's best friend and the three of them embarked on an adventure that took them all over Arboria.


While being large for an opossum, Otto is smaller than most other characters. He is an overweight opossom with grey fur. He wears an oversized light grey sweatshirt and has black hair.


Otto is very lazy and is known to play dead in order to avoid doing something he doesn't want to. On top of this, he is also a bit of a slob, as evidenced by the pizza box skyscrapers in his apartment.


  • Stealth: Otto's small size is an advantage, as he can run around lightly without being noticed. he can also "play dead", causing most people to ignore him.
  • Prehensile Tale: Otto can control his long, thin tail to pick things up or even hang from it.
  • Toxin Resistance: Opossums are immune to snake venom and other natural poisons, making him valuable in the mystic woodlands.




  • General Ryvok: Greatest enemy
  • Sir Chalmers Watersworth: Ally to Ryvok
  • Brennan Barkley: Mercenary hired by Ryvok
  • Zombie Treant Elites: Resurrected by Allister under Ryvok's command
  • Allister: Sometimes an enemy


  • Otto seems to be depicted as having a Manhattan or Boston accent.
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