"Oh my stars and garters! That looked rather dangerous."
—Oktor von Derwiff

Oktor von Derwiff is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Oktor von Derwiff resides in the Goop universe.

Dr. Oktor von Derwiff is a mad scientist stitched together years ago from body parts of dead mad scientists by a mad scientist. Living with a variety of bizarre Frankenstein-ian creatures he has created in his spare time in a floating airship, Derwiff is always looking for new specimens on which to perform cruel experiments, none of which seem to have any rhyme or reason to them other than "he felt like doing it."


Goop first met Oktor von Derwiff during his journeys through the floating city of Sky-High Isle. The good doctor had transformed the small fantasy city into his personal Guinea pig farm, snatching up the inhabitants and performing experiments on them. Goop confronted him on his airship and a battle ensued with Derwiff piloting an enormous 4-legged mech. However, the good doctor did not put up a good fight and his airship was destroyed, presumably sending him to his death.


Dr. Derwiff is a green, humanoid character who is usually only seen from the waist up. From the waist down, it is clear that Dr. Derwiff has a pair of robotic legs with semicircular feet. His skin is a muddy green color and he appears to have stitches on his neck, forehead, and ears, signifying his reanimated nature. He has a long, pointed nose and an underbite. On his chin, he sports a thin gray goatee. Dr. Derwiff is always seen wearing a pair of metallic goggles, with his left eye and goggle lens being slightly smaller than the right. His head is tall and thin. He has two fin-shaped ears, two gray eyebrows, and a shock of white mad scientist hair on his head. On his neck are two bolts, similar to Frankenstein's Monster. Dr. Derwiff always wears a white lab coat, a black and red-striped tie, and a pair of pink rubber gloves.


Dr. Derwiff is quite unlike the typical mad scientist. He is cowardly and a bit of a sissy, letting out whimpers and high-pitched, girly screams whenever he is frightened. He is also even afraid and startled by the lightning that strikes when he laughs maniacally. Dr. Derwiff speaks in a high, effeminate voice, showing good manners to everyone, even his prisoners. He is also a bit of a klutz, sometimes bumping into things/falling over things/being injured in general. Because of this, he is a very affably evil villain.


  • Inventing: Oktor von Derwiff is a skilled inventor, having invented such devices as a robotic chair with spider-like legs and a device that (theoretically) will allow him to transfer a ghost into an organic body.
  • Surgical Skills: Derwiff claims to be the greatest surgeon who ever lives, having been taught taxidermy and monster creation by the mad scientist who sewed him together from the parts of other mad scientists.




  • Dr. Derwiff's first name "Oktor" was chosen because it somewhat rhymes with "Doctor".
  • Dr. Derwiff's ideal voice actor would be American actor Andy Dick.
  • Dr. Derwiff will be a recurring minor antagonist of a video game series developed by TheAgent41.
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