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What do I do on the wiki if I join?

Here on the OC Database Wikia, we write and post biographical articles on our original and fan characters, post artwork of them, and participate in things like discussions and monthly polls!

What kinds of characters does the wiki allow?

The OC Database Wiki accepts characters from both original universes and fandom-based universes. The only characters we do not accept are established characters like Mario or Batman and AU (alternate universe) versions of established characters.

How do I start a new page?

Detailed instructions on how to start a page can be found here and our list of writing standards can be found here!

If you need help starting a new page, requests for a blank template can be made here as long as your post is tagged as "Page Requests".

Can anyone edit my character page?

No. The only person who can edit your page is you unless you explicitly give another user permission. However, wiki administrators are allowed to edit pages without permission, but only for grammar/spelling/formatting-related purposes.

What are the censorship standards?

Language and disturbing character descriptions are allowed, but if the page contains images that are either suggestive or gory in nature, the page will be marked with a template warning younger users of the imagery, purely as a precautionary measure. However, images with blatant nudity are not permissible.

Can someone steal my characters here?

Your characters are no more likely to be stolen from this wiki than they are from Facebook, DeviantArt, or other social websites.

Can I advertise here?

Advertising for commissions, Facebook pages, DeviantArt pages, and the like is permissible only on the Fun and Games board on the forum (as long as your post is tagged as "Advertising") and in your own blog entries.

Where do I go to report underhanded deeds?

Character theft, bullying, and other misbehavior can be reported on an admin's wall. Click here for TheAgent41, here for Datholmzie, and LeeHatake93.

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