"Oh, I'd be more than willing to open this big, heavy, wooden door....for a fee, of course..."
—Norm McBones

Norm McBones is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Norm McBones resides in the Goop universe.

Norm is a shady, deceitful conman who loves nothing more than to scam unwary passersby out of all of their Power Orbs. Of course, his very favorite sucker and/or customer is Goop, who often (unfortunately) happens to come across him in his adventures. He is known for charging Goop unrealistically-exorbitant fees, paid in Power Orbs, in order for Goop to pass through a door or cross a bridge. Much to Norm's delight, Goop inevitably has to pay these prices, whether he likes it or not.


Norm meets Goop for the first time throughout the latter's first adventure, after the initial takeover of the Gooptar Kingdom by the diabolical King Grex. Despite Goop's insistence that he desperately needs to pass through Norm's obstacles in order to rescue Princess Blossom, defeat King Grex, and reclaim the Magic Opals, Norm still refuses to allow Goop entry without receiving payment.


Norm is a six-foot, white, humanoid skeleton with a spherical skull and yellow lights in his circular eye sockets that serve as eyes. He tends to wear a purple vest with yellow trim, a red ribbon tied around his neck, and a top hat with a purple band. This hat also has a large yellow dollar sign on it.


Norm is a greedy, shady, and sleazy con man. His only interest is to have money, and he could not care less for the safety of his customers or even himself. He is extremely greedy and only seems to be concerned with the thickness of his wallet. He sees Goop only as a sucker and refers to him as his "favorite customer". He also sees Goop as incredibly gullible.


  • Altering the Environment: Norm somehow has the ability to open doors and bridges that Goop would otherwise not have access to. It is unknown how he is capable of controlling such things.




  • Norm's ideal voice actor would be TheAgent41.
  • Norm was inspired by Moneybags the bear from the Spyro the Dragon series.
    • Norm's voice is inspired by that of Kermit the Frog from the Muppets series.
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