"*demonic laughing*"
—Mr. Tatters the Clown

Mr. Tatters the Clown is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Mr. Tatters the Clown resides in the Insaniteam universe.

While most tiny clown cars in pop culture give way to many normal-sized clowns, this clown car is infinitely worse. Contained within this minuscule colorful vehicle is Mr. Tatters, a nightmarish, clown-like beast with a worm-like body and a deceptively jolly face complete with a toothy esophagus leading to his no-doubt monstrous stomach.


Mr. Tatters first showed up at the Insaniteam Housing Center one Friday the 13th, his actual origins left unknown. For a while, he creepily stalked the other Insaniteam members around the house, staring at them from down hallways, appearing in mirrors, and hiding in their closets. Eventually, they managed to corner him underneath a bed and Geiger offered him a position on the team (mostly to help with pranks). He has since taken on the role of "stealth expert".


Mr. Tatters is a 4-foot-tall clown monster with a body shape resembling that of a Venus fly-trap. His purple, vein-covered body is thin and bulbous and appears to pulsate like a beating heart. Mr. Tatters's hands resemble large, white, cartoon character gloves. His most readily identifiable feature is his large, white, spherical head. Mr. Tatters wears a large white frill around his neck and a yellow nightcap with blue and white polka dots and a white puff on the tip. Mr. Tatters's large toothy maw takes up the majority of his head. His lips are bright red, he possesses a spherical red nose, and his eyes are rather small and adorned with wrinkles and bags underneath them. The tip of Mr. Tatters's "stem" has a small toy clown car on it, with his body emerging from the missing roof. This car is yellow with blue polka dots, and the car model appears to be a Volkswagen beetle. The car also has a blue flower on a long stem on the roof of the car.


Mr. Tatters is a very gluttonous individual who is always thinking about his next meal. As a clown demon, his favorite pastime is scaring the easily-spooked members of his own team. Beneath his smiling exterior, Mr. Tatters is a cunning prankster that delights in fooling people with his friendly visage, but if someone is not fooled into letting his or her guard down, he has no problems with capturing them by force. Despite displaying sentience, Mr. Tatters does not appear to speak any English and usually communicates with deep guttural noises and car beeps.


  • Chuckle Chompers: Mr. Tatters's mouth is filled with numerous small but sharp teeth that can easily tear flesh. In addition, his powerful mouth makes it so that he is able to swallow virtually any victim he chooses, regardless of how much larger they are than him.
  • Squirty Flower: Mr. Tatters, like most clowns, wields a squirty flower that sprays a jet of water that stuns his victims for a short time, allowing him to get within chomping distance.
  • Faux Fool: Mr. Tatters can release a small decoy that resembles him when he's compacted into his car, which drives around aimlessly to distract enemies.
  • Kloak’d Klown: This ability allows Mr. Tatters to turn invisible for a short time. During this time, he is incapable of attacking at all. He can remain invisible for 8-10 seconds.
  • Schmuximum Overdrive: This ability allows Mr. Tatters to retreat into his little car, decreasing his size and greatly increasing his movement speed.



  • Insaniteam: An elite task force of insane soldiers who offer their services to the highest bidder.
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    • Wizard Puppy: Teammate
    • Radical Randy: Teammate


  • Much like Stabbo the Clown, Mr. Tatters was inspired by TheAgent41's own coulrophobia.
  • The small toy car making up Mr. Tatters's lower body was inspired by the standard joke regarding clowns that involves a large number of clowns emerging from a small car, but TheAgent41 instead wanted to have a tiny car that instead spawned one horrifying clown rather than several normal ones.
  • The name "Mr. Tatters" was inspired by a clown enemy from the indie horror game Emily Wants to Play.
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