"His mightiness is sure to promote us to 'Lackey' now!"
—Moki the Grumbly

Moki the Grumbly is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Moki the Grumbly resides in the Goop universe.

Moki lives in the Minion Kingdom, a bleak, wartorn kingdom ruled by King Grex. Moki usually resides in a massive black castle surrounded by a lake of molten lava, known as Castle Grex. He is one of King Grex's right-hand men, along with his less intelligent cohort, Shelldon.


How Moki came to work for King Grex is unknown, and it is unknown how long he has been part of the Minion Army.

Moki and Shelldon are first encountered by Goop and his friends during the initial takeover of the Gooptar Kingdom. After Grex's defeat, Princess Blossom offers to let Moki and Shelldon stay in her castle, but they turn down the offer, saying that they need to clean up the castle ruins. Moki and Shelldon are then seen shambling out of the ruins, only to be crushed by a giant statue of Grex.

When King Grex returned from the dead to exact his revenge, he appeared to Moki and Shelldon and forced them to build him a robotic version of his own body.


Moki's body is sphere shaped and brown. He has no real legs, but he sports two large red feet, although they may be shoes. He has a large prominent circular mouth with large sharp teeth all the way around. He has a blue stripe that starts on the top of his mouth, splits, and rejoins on the back of the head.


Moki is a victim of a Napoleon Complex; he is convinced that he is the single greatest Minion to ever live, despite the opposite being true. Moki is constantly scheming to get his boss King Grex to promote him to Lackey Rank, a dream which never seems to get accomplished. He's somewhat abusive to his cohort Shelldon, as he is convinced that Shelldon and Shelldon alone is the sole reason that their plans fail. While he isn't necessarily evil naturally, he follows his master loyally for his own selfish gain.


  • Small Size: While Moki has no real special abilities of any kind, his small size can prove to be a surprising benefit. His small size makes him quite fast and agile, and he is also capable of fitting into small spaces.





  • Moki's ideal voice actor would be American voice actor Richard Horvitz.
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