"Let's get to work!"
—Marlon the Raider

Marlon the Raider is an original character designed by Coopergang1. Marlon the Raider resides in the Fort City universe.

Marlon is the alias of the leader of Raiderville, one of the biggest threats to the colony of Fort City. Unlike Jack Fort, Marlon does not run a very tight ship and lets his soldiers run rampant, as long as he gets a share of the wealth. He is the main antagonist of the first season of Fort City.


Not much of Marlon's life before the apocalypse is known. It is possible that he grew up and/or lived in the small rural town that was turned into Raiderville. He seems to have some knowledge of farming, mechanics, and more, so it can be assumed he was a very blue collar man of all trades. He is the leader of the Raiders, a group of wild looters who, as their name implies, raid other groups and nearby locations for any supplies they can. He seems to have played a pivotal role in the building of Raiderville, and may have devised the plan for the wall.


Marlon has messy brown hair and a thin beard. He wears a full-face transparent mask of a typical human male to hide a disfigurement obtained in the wasteland. He wears a black Carhartt-esque work jacket over a greasy grey work shirt. He also dons faded jeans with dark brown steel toe work boots. Covering his outfit is a series of armor pieces fashioned from scrap metal, duct tape, pieces of leather, and more.


Marlon is a ruthless leader, and a modern-day pirate of sorts. He is relentless and does not appear to have any remorse for people he has stolen from.


  • Melee Combat: Marlon is rather intimidating up close and is stronger than most others.
  • Firearms: While preferring to use melee weapons, he has been shown to use firearms well.
  • Leadership: Marlon has risen in power from a combination of fear tactics, respect, and know-how.



  • Chester: Leading scientist of raiderville.


  • Jack Fort: Leader of a rival settlement, loathed.
  • Lt. Gaston: High ranking member of rival settlement, hostage.
  • Connor Cynes: Medic in opposing settlement, led an attack on Raiderville.


  • Originally, Raiderville was a series of subway systems and underground bunkers.
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