"Whatever you do, don't forget the 'R'."
—Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller, more commonly known as Shirtman, is an original character designed by Coopergang1. He resides in the Shirtman! universe.

Shirtman is a unique superhero in that he draws his powers from other heroes- by wearing their merchandise. He has the power to harness the abilities of a dozen superheroes, depending on which shirt he is wearing. He gets this strange power from a high-tech belt invented by his father, and uses them to rid his city of villains. Oh, and don't ask what happens if he wears a shirt with multiple superheroes, we don't know either.


Marcus "Mark" Miller is the son of extremely wealthy software designer Maxwell Miller. He doesn't remember his mother well, who died when Mark was a young child to a nameless disease. When his father went missing, he spent a lot of time in his fathers office to reminisce. It was here that he found a secret room that his father had installed containing prototypes of future devices that would implement his technology- most importantly a belt built specially for Marcus using alien technology that would give Marcus abilities based on what shirt he was wearing. He used this invention to become a superhero called "Shirtman" and find his father.


Shirtman is the size of an average 12 year old boy. Without the mask he has neat, parted brown hair. He wears a blue mask (made from a nylon textbook cover) that covers the back of his head and half of his face, including his nose. He wears a yellow polo shirt with the collar painted blue and a large blue S painted on the chest. He dons a blue cape, elbow pads, and gloves as well as blue slacks and yellow rain boots.


Shirtman is all too excited to be a superhero, and doesn't see it as a burden or responsibility at all. Like other child superheroes, he is lighthearted and joyful.


  • Shirts: Due to his specialized belt, he can gain the superpowers of any superhero by donning a shirt of that hero.
  • Gymnastics: As a youthful and energetic character, he is able to jump decent heights and run around without getting tired.
  • Stealth: Despite his colorful costume, Shirtman can blend into the shadows and creep around guards.



  • Maxwell Miller: Father
  • Unnamed Mother


  • Shiftress: Former enemy


  • Master Mynd: Archenemy
  • The Overlord: Force behind the man
  • Dinocop: Villain
  • Strongman: Villain
  • Colonel Cranium: Villain
  • Max Million: Villain
  • Crash N. Burns: Villain
  • Hammoth: Villain


  • The concept of Shirtman's powers came from a dream that Isaac Tessman had.
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