"I'm going to attempt to seduce the queen"
—Jamshid Krombopulous

Jamshid Krombopulous is a fan character designed by Willowpudge27. Jamshid Krombopulous resides in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Jamshid Krombopulous is a Gnome thief, who travels across the land seducing, sleeping with, and then robbing almost everybody he comes across. He acts incredibly charming and is very sharp-witted, which he uses to his advantage in the aforementioned thievery


Jamshid Krombopulous is a 44-year-old Gnome from a southeastern island nation. He grew up in a moderately wealthy household with two loving parents inside the limits of the capital city. As he grew, he realized he was very very good at learning about people and using that knowledge against them. He has been traveling the world, stopping in a given town for only a couple days or weeks to rob those that he can and leave before garnering himself a reputation. Currently, he has been drafted to go to the Drow continent to investigate the disturbing worship of the Drow goddess of death that has been cropping up with increasing frequency among Drow soldiers.


Jamshid Krombopulous is of slightly less than average height for a gnome, at 2'10". He has a well-kept shock of naturally bright purple hair, and is considered quite attractive by most races' standards.


Jamshid Krombopulous is extremely manipulative and flirty with all people at all times. In his usual game of seducing people and then robbing them after the subsequent night of excitement, he likes to get into people's heads and find out what makes them tick. He then uses this knowledge to get them from the bar to the bedroom.


  • Manipulation: Jamshid Krombopulous does not have very much in the way of abilities past his excellent skills at manipulating people.
  • Zoopathic Powers: As a forest Gnome, he does have the ability to control and command small forest creatures, but this is fairly low on practical uses.



  • Monk: Current ally, though his trustworthiness is questionable
  • Rogue: Current ally, though his trustworthiness is questionable


  • The queen is the only character he has thus far failed to seduce.
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Jamshid Krombopulous