This page will just give you a quick run-down course of how to format different sections of your character articles to help raise them to the standard of quality we like to keep here at the OC Database Wikia.

General Formatting

This is a quick table to explain how to format text to look a certain way.

Characteristic Format
Italics Put two apostrophes on either side of the text to be italicized
Bolded Put three apostrophes on either side of the text to be bolded
Wikia Link To create a link to another wiki page, put the name of the article in between two brackets > [[]]
Wikia Link with Unique Text To make a link have text other than the linked article name, follow the article name inside the brackets with "|(desired text)".
Bullet Point To create a bullet point, put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the text to be bulleted. Put multiple asterisks under later lines to make nested bullet points.


Certain aspects of your character's infobox should be formatting in certain ways for consistency's sake.

Aspect Format
Fan/Original Type either "Fan" or "Original"
Universe Name of your universe in italics (detailed above)
Creator The text "User:(your username here)" formatted as a link (detailed above)
Aliases If none, put "None"
Height Apostrophe for feet, quotations for inches (like 5'3")
Weight Measured in pounds (lbs)
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