"Ready? Set? Goop!"
—Goop the Gooptar

Goop the Gooptar is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Goop the Gooptar resides in the Goop universe.

Goop lives in the Gooptar Kingdom, a peaceful, old-fashioned-yet-modern kingdom ruled by his significant other, Princess Blossom. Goop resides in a treehouse with his best friend Bing in the Petunia Forest, a large forest on the outskirts of the Gooptar City. With the help of his friends Bing, Draclo, and Tawnya, Goop usually spends his time protecting the kingdom from a variety of villains, such as the magnificent King Grex, his lackeys Moki and Shelldon, and the wacky Dr. Oktor von Derwiff.


Goop's early life is unknown. It is known that he traveled to the Gooptar Kingdom shortly before King Grex's initial takeover of the kingdom. While his birthplace is unknown, he evidently trekked across a vast unnamed desert with his best friends Bing and Draclo. After a sudden rockslide, the trio fell from a massive cliff and landed in a dark cave that led them to the Gooptar Kingdom, where they met Princess Blossom (whom Goop was immediately smitten with) and Tawnya, as well as other characters.

When King Grex finally appeared and kidnapped Princess Blossom and the Magic Opals, Goop set off to defeat him and rescue her, encountering such dangerous creatures as Snaptrap the giant plant and Frogrump the bounty hunter. Goop finally cornered Grex on the roof of the castle where they did battle. As Grex was on the ropes, Bing and Draclo arrived and shot the giant lava dragon Magmass out of the sky, causing the beast to fall and swallow Grex. Goop and friends then returned home.


Goop is a male Gooptar and thus, his main characteristics are his duckbill, his oversized stubby hands, and the large crest on the back of his head. He has a bit of a potbelly, and unusual purple skin, which only occurs once every 1,000 years. He has a small tail, which is usually pointed upwards. His irises are purple, the same as his skin. His nostrils, although not visible, are on the underside of his bill. Strangely, he does not wear any clothing.


Goop is a very good-hearted Gooptar, although he doesn't really know how to show it. He's fairly cocky and rather hard-headed. Goop is shown to be very sarcastic. He's always one to throw an insult or wisecrack towards people who annoy him, such as Moki. He isn't very book-smart at all; he's more street-smart.

Goop is also shown to not have much patience; he hates waiting for the right moment and prefers to charge into battle. Because of this, he rarely thinks ahead, preferring a "Punch First, Ask Questions Later" strategy to battle. However, he has good intentions and respects his friends very much, especially Blossom, who he is in love with.


  • Enhanced Agility: Goop is much faster and more agile than the average gooptar. He can jump up to six feet in the air and is capable of performing various athletic maneuvers.
  • Enhanced Strength: Goop is physically stronger than the average gooptar, capable of lifting objects weighing up to 2,000 pounds, including heavy enemies, cars, and large rocks.
  • Shape-shifting: As with every purple gooptar before him, Goop is imbued with incredible powers, the most important of which is his ability to transform his body into other forms, granting him new abilities and powers temporarily.
    • Flame Form: Using the Flame Form, Goop is capable of shooting fireballs and streams of flame from his hands.
    • Hammer Form: Using the Hammer Form, Goop is capable of transforming his hands and face into mallets and a hammer, respectively.





  • Goop's ideal voice actor would be American comedian Justin Long.
  • Goop's name is derived from the word goop, which is a synonym for slime. Slime is obviously amorphous, and Goop has the ability to shape-shift.
  • Goop's crest didn't originally possess a fin on the underside.
  • Goop will be the main protagonist of a video game series developed by TheAgent41.
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