"Goop, can you help me? I'd do it myself, but I forgot my fighting shoes. Yeah, that's it!"
—Goggles the Centipede

Goggles the Centipede is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Goggles the Centipede resides in the Goop universe.

Goggles is the friendly, if a bit clumsy, owner of Goggles's Garden, a vast flowery meadow. While he tries his best to be brave and help out his idol Goop, his extreme cowardice (and sometimes laziness) unfortunately gets in the way of his dreams and leaves him just as vulnerable as the next hapless victim. He is incredibly fast, but he can never seem to fully escape his problems.


Goggles first met Goop while the latter was traveling through Froggy Glade after Grex's initial takeover of the Gooptar Kingdom while on his way to rescue Princess Blossom, defeat King Grex, and reclaim the Magic Opals. Goggles beseeched Goop to help him, as the glade had been completely overrun with King Grex's Minions.


Goggles is a large 12-foot green centipede-like creature. His underbelly is cream-colored. He is made of 6 segments. The back three segments each have a pair of legs, making for six total legs. Each leg is cream-colored and wears a white sneaker with red stripes. The front segment is his head. He constantly wears a pair of yellow goggles with dark blue straps. He also has two thin antennae with red spheres on the tips. His second and third segments each have a pair of arms. Each of these arms is cream-colored and wears a white glove.


Goggles is a happy-go-lucky centipede who loves to help his friends...when he doesn't need help himself. He never really thinks of himself and loves to run, being a very athletic character.

He is rather cowardly and often gets himself in various scrapes. Goggles idolizes Goop, almost like a superhero or celebrity. He is Goop's #1 fanboy, and hopes to be just like him someday. Unfortunately, his cowardice towards danger causes him to rely on Goop's assistance rather than take charge himself.


  • Athleticism: Goggles is an incredibly fast runner, which comes in handy when he challenges Goop to a race in exchange for a Magic Opal. Goggles claims that his great running speed comes from his so-called "magic running shoes", but it's most likely because he gets so much practice while running from his fears.





  • Goggles's ideal voice actor would be American voice actor Josh Gad.
  • Goggles's name obviously refers to his trademark yellow goggles.
  • In an earlier draft of the original Goop video game, Goggles was meant to be a villain, and would have been the first boss of the game.
  • Goggles more closely resembles a giant caterpillar than a centipede.
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