"Ooh! Draclo want go on adventure too!"
—Draclo the Dragon

Draclo the Dragon is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Draclo the Dragon resides in the Goop universe.

Draclo lives in the Gooptar Kingdom, a peaceful, old-fashioned-yet-modern kingdom ruled by Princess Blossom. Draclo lives in a nest atop a leafless tree near treehouse in the Petunia Forest, a large forest on the outskirts of the Gooptar City.


Draclo's early life is unknown. It is known that he traveled to the Gooptar Kingdom shortly before King Grex's initial takeover of the kingdom. While his birthplace is unknown, he evidently trekked across a vast unnamed desert with his best friends Goop and Bing. After a sudden rockslide, the trio fell from a massive cliff and landed in a dark cave that led them to the Gooptar Kingdom, where they met Princess Blossom and Tawnya, as well as other characters.

During the final battle with King Grex, Bing and Draclo arrived and shot the giant lava dragon Magmass out of the sky, causing the beast to fall and swallow Grex. Bing and friends then returned home.


Draclo is a large bipedal dragon with light green skin. He has a flat head with four fangs on his upper jaw: two large ones on the side and two smaller ones in between. He also has four horns on the back of his head. He has two large eyes as well. His arms are actually large wings with two fingers. He has a long tongue and tail, but his greatest feature is his ability to utilize various elemental breaths. He is about twice the size of Goop.


Due to being a young child, Draclo has a very naive and clumsy personality. He's very gullible and will generally follow Goop's schemes. He doesn't exactly know right from wrong, which can get him into trouble. He is very happy-go-lucky and is always smiling, even in the face of danger. He doesn't always know any better, but always cares for his friends. Draclo essentially has the brain of a toddler. He can speak, but only in short phrases, and with improper grammar.

He refers to himself in the third person. He is always hungry and is always eating everything, no matter whether it's actually edible or not. He is not afraid of anything; not because he's brave and fearless, but because he's too young and naive to grasp the concept of danger.


  • Flight: Draclo is capable of flying for long periods of time due to his large wings, which may seem small at first glance but can open up to a much larger size. He also shows impressive physical strength, as he is able to carry both Goop and Princess Blossom on his back while remaining airborne.
  • Breath Weapons: Draclo is able to utilize a variety of different breath weapons: Flame, Ice, and Electric. These breath weapons are obtained by eating special fruits. The Flame Breath is gained by consuming a Flame Fig, the Ice Breath is gained by consuming a Wintermelon, and the Electric Breath is gained by consuming Blitz Berry. There is also technically a fourth ability Draclo can obtain: the Vacuum Veggie, which allows Draclo to inhale all nearby enemies into his mouth.






  • Draclo's ideal voice actor would be American voice actor Frank Welker.
  • Draclo is supposedly a dragon, but he looks more like a wyvern.
  • Despite his size, Draclo is only a small child.
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