"*complete silence*"
—Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Deep Trouble resides in the Insaniteam universe.

Deep Trouble, as he is known by his fellows Champions, comes from parts unknown; his gender, face, and even species are completely unknown to basically anybody. All that is known about him is his almost psychotic passion for water and everything wet and soggy, as well as his irresistible urge to shoot hungry sharks at his enemies.


It's not quite apparent where Deep Trouble came from, other than the obvious answer of "the ocean." He just showed up one day during one of the Insaniteam's missions, minding his own business. When one of the enemy soldiers accidentally attacked him, Deep Trouble became enraged and pulverized the poor man. He went on a horrific rampage into the enemy base, and in the process of doing so, inadvertently completed the mission. Impressed by his skills, the Insaniteam immediately recruited him. He has since taken on the role of "underwater combat expert".


Deep Trouble is an enormous hulking beast clad from head to toe in a body-obscuring blue diver's suit. The suit is mainly spherical apart from the arms and legs, like a bathysphere. Said arms end in large dark blue gloves and said legs end in large dark blue boots. The suit has a large glowing porthole dominating the front of it. He has an oxygen tank on his back but said oxygen tank has a large hole torn into it. Deep Trouble's suit is covered in seaweed and barnacles.


Deep Trouble is incredibly quiet, never actually saying anything or even making noises. He has a tendency to go along with whatever get-rich-quick schemes Geiger has in mind and usually acts as his muscle. Because of his silence, his level of intelligence is difficult to ascertain, as he usually just obeys any orders he is given.

Deep Trouble has an odd passion for water and everything drenched in it. He prefers to spend as much of his time as physically possible underwater and staying out of water for too long causes him to become anxious and irritable. When enraged, he can become a force to be reckoned with; his armored diving suit and formidable physical strength make him a frightening figure to deal with when angered.


  • R.P.G.W.S.: This weapon fires a slow-moving shark through the air, propelled by a rocket strapped to its back. Any opponent hit with this weapon will be rapidly gnawed on by the shark for 8 seconds, dealing 6 damage points per second.
  • Sea-4 Explosives: This weapon is a sea mine that can be deployed at will. Up to three mines can be deployed at once. These mines will explode if touched or shot. If deployed on land, the mine will bounce once and come to rest on the ground, but if deployed underwater, the mine will float motionless, allowing Deep Trouble to block underwater tunnels.
  • Brine Cannon: When activated, the Brine Cannon fires a salty spray of water at an opponent. Not only does this push them backwards (possibly off a cliff or into a hazard), but it also deals damage to opponents whose health is less than 75% full.
  • Fish Tank This ability allows Deep Trouble to become invulnerable for a short period of time and cause all enemy turrets to automatically lock onto him.
  • Underwater Expertise: This ability allows Deep Trouble to be able to stay underwater for indefinite periods of time, making him an expert at submerged combat. He is also capable of walking on the bottom of bodies of water.



  • Insaniteam: An elite task force of insane soldiers who offer their services to the highest bidder.
    • Pinpoint the Velociraptor: Teammate
    • Roxy Octane: Teammate
    • Geiger: Teammate
    • Sophie Rousseau: Teammate
    • Bigfeetz the Sasquatch: Teammate
    • Amazonite: Teammate
    • Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things: Teammate
    • Wizard Puppy: Teammate
    • Mr. Tatters: Teammate
    • Radical Randy: Teammate


  • Deep Trouble is one of four Champions whose names consist of two words.
  • Deep Trouble's role as a tank-ish character is, as mentioned above, a pun on the fact that, when he activates his Fish Tank ability, he is able to "soak" up damage, referring to his water theming.
  • Despite his gender technically being unknown, Deep Trouble is still referred to with masculine pronouns.
  • The shape and general look of Deep Trouble's diving suit was inspired by bathyspheres, old spherical submersibles that lacked power of their own and were lowered into the water via winches.
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