"Can't believe I gotta babysit you kids...gettin' too old for this shit..."
—Dale Russell

Dale Russell, also known as King Croc, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Dale Russell resides in the Vengeance universe.

Stricken by the same crippling disease as Colin Cain/Bio-Man, middle-aged Arkansas native Dale Russell was told that he had only a week to live before his organs shut down. However, recent research with the disease Infirmicorpus on crocodiles showed that the carnivorous reptiles possessed a high resistance to the disease. Seizing an opportunity, Russell's doctors synthesized a vaccine for the disease using the infected blood of a crocodile and injected it into Dale's arm. The crocodile DNA unfortunately made it so that he would transform into a giant reptilian beast if his heart rate rose beyond a certain point.


Dale Russell was born on August 12, 1974, during a strong heat wave, a phenomenon that eventually resulted in the death of his mother shortly after his birth. Russell was raised by an abusive father who spent a third of his time farming, another third drinking beer and vandalizing things with his biker buddies, and the other third beating on poor Dale.

Eventually, Dale decided to run away from home, leaving with nothing but the clothes on his back and his pet baby alligator Britches (named so because he originally found him hiding in his dirty laundry). Fleeing a couple of towns over, Dale got a job as a ranch hand, where he met the love of his life, Francine. When the two turned 19, they married, and three years later, they had a child, a young girl named Darla.

For a while, Dale's life was relaxing and everything a country man like him could want: a steady farming job, a wife and kid, a decent farmhouse, and his beloved alligator Britches, who lived in a pond beside the farm. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on the day after Darla's 8th birthday. Darla strayed too close to the pond and was attacked by Britches, an attack that left her in serious condition. The panicking Dale did what had to be done and was forced to shoot his pet alligator Britches. The death of his pet was in vain, however, as Darla's condition was too critical and she died due to her injuries.

After Darla's death, Francine left Dale due to recklessly endangering their child, and to make matters worse, he soon was struck down by a rare virus called Infirmicorpus. Dale was told by doctors that he only had a week to live, but recent research with the disease Infirmicorpus on crocodiles showed that the carnivorous reptiles possessed a high resistance to the disease. Seizing an opportunity, Russell's doctors synthesized a vaccine for the disease using the infected blood of a crocodile and injected it into Dale's arm.

The DNA did in fact cure his disease, but at a cost. From then on, whenever Dale's heart rate rose beyond a certain point, he was forcibly transformed into a hulking, crocodilian monster with an insatiable appetite for destruction. Soon, he met a group of similarly-superpowered men and women and together, they formed the V-Rangers.


Dale is a tall, well-built Caucasian man in his forties. He generally wears a red and black plaid collared shirt and a dark green vest jacket, as well as blue jeans (often stained with dirt) and brown work books. He has a dark black watch on his left wrist and a necklace containing a photograph of him and his deceased daughter. Dale has a shaved head (naturally blond) and a blond beard, as well as a scar on his left cheek.

In his King Croc form, Dale bursts through his clothes and transforms into a 10-foot-tall, muscular, reptilian humanoid monster with a box-shaped snout, a pronounced lower jaw, and rows of armor plating going down his back.


In his youth, Dale was a scrappy kid. He had learned from dealing with his abusive father that the world was going to attempt nonstop to break you emotionally and physically, so he forced himself to learn how to adapt to virtually any situation. His morals weren't the strongest, unfortunately, as he was often forced to pickpocket random strangers to make it by after running away.

After the death of his daughter, Dale became misanthropic, cynical, and grouchy. This is not helped by the aging process. While obviously not very old, Dale has prematurely taken on the "grumpy old man" attitude and is quick to insult and belittle those around him. Whenever his younger fellow V-Rangers begin to bicker with one another, he views the situation as them being a group of children he is forced to babysit.

Although he may seem cold and spiteful, inside, he is a broken, depressed man who has often had suicidal thoughts. He ultimately holds himself responsible for his daughter's death, and the very notion that he routinely changes into a gross approximation of the very animal that killed her has caused him to develop a large number of intense self-worth issues.


  • Super Strength: In his mutated form, Dale possesses immense strength, enough to pick up and throw boulders, trucks, and large pieces of debris with minimal effort. In addition, his super strength allows him to move surprisingly quickly and stand in one position even if something strong is attempting to move him.
  • Teeth and Claws: Being reptilian in his mutated form, Dale possesses razor-sharp teeth and claws, much like those of a real crocodile. Unlike a real crocodile, his bite is capable of crunching through reinforced steel and solid rock, and his claws are strong enough to puncture even very durable metals.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Dale is shown to recover from injury and other wounds very quickly. He is completely invulnerable to most firearms and bladed weapons, neither of which are strong enough to pierce his tough, scaly hide.



  • Roscoe Russell: Abusive father, whereabouts unknown
  • Unnamed mother: Mother, deceased
  • Francine Russell: Ex-wife
  • Darla Russell: Daughter, deceased
  • Britches: Pet alligator, deceased



  • Ignacio Castro: Enemy
  • Oscar Oppenheimer: Enemy


  • Dale's ideal voice actor would be American actor Michael Rooker, the actor whose face Dale's design takes inspiration from.
  • Dale will star in a video game series developed by TheAgent41 and User:LeeHatake93.
  • Dale was designed as a midway point between Marvel's "The Incredible Hulk" and DC's "Killer Croc".
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