"I've got a second chance to make my mark!"
—Colin Cain

Colin Cain, also known as Bio-Man, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Colin Cain resides in the Vengeance universe.

After being outfitted with a cybernetic spine by his father, roboticist Dr. Walter Cain, sickly Colin Cain's life was transformed. He was granted superhuman strength and agility. He graduated from New Metro University with a master's degree in Zoology; while there, he met his girlfriend Holly Brooks. However, his father was murdered by a rogue scientist, Dr. Oscar Oppenheimer. Overcome by grief, Bio-Man devoted his life to cleaning up the streets as a vigilante super-hero.


Colin Cain was born on Thursday, August 17, 1993, to Walter and Martha Cain in New Metro City, California. In August of 2008, Colin began college at the New Metro University, where he met Holly Brooks. However, after his freshman year, Cain contracted a rare illness known as "infirmicorpus" (from the Latin "infirma corpus" meaning "weak body"). Dr. Walter Cain, unbeknownst to his supervisors at Cortech Industries, worked with fellow roboticist Don Rutherford to create a cybernetic spinal chord to save his son's life.

The project was completed and the spine was attached to Colin. The cybernetic spinal chord spread its influence throughout his body, reinforcing his skeletal structure and bodily systems. In addition, young Colin gained superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Colin graduated from college in the Summer of 2012 with a Master's degree in Zoology.

Soon after Colin's graduation, Walter Cain was approached in his laboratory by a rival scientist, theoretical physicist Oscar Oppenheimer. The scientist demanded that Cain reproduce the spines for usage in a top-secret project. Dr. Cain refused and Oppenheimer gunned him down in cold blood on the spot. When news reached Colin, he became overcome with grief. He soon turned to the life of a vigilante crime-fighter, thinking he could somehow avenge his father's death by preventing the same from happening to anyone else.

After watching a documentary about animals and their predatory behaviors, Colin Cain approached Don Rutherford with the concept of a flexible suit that would attach to the spine and grant Colin the abilities of various animals. Rutherford begrudgingly agreed and the suit was constructed. Colin Cain took on the persona of Bio-Man, an animal-themed, wise-cracking super-hero.

He gained the abilities of flight and acute eyesight, as well as retractable claws and a prehensile, grappling hook-like tail. The crime rate in New Metro City had recently begun going up, with new super villains appearing regularly and gangs popping up everywhere.


Colin is a 5'10" Caucasian male. He is well-built, with an athletic physique. He has short black hair and green eyes. He commonly wears a black hoodie with the Cortech Industries logo on it and jeans (both chosen to help hide his cybernetic spine from people).

When fighting crime, he wears his trademark Bio-Man Suit. Said suit is made of black and gray spandex. It is outfitted with gray gloves, black boots, and a pair of green eye lenses.


Colin is a light-hearted hero, prone to cracking wisecracks and bad puns related to the situation. He enjoys creating humorous nicknames for the villains he fights, including "Armadillo"/"Roadkill" for Pangolin and "Frosty" for Frostbite. He is sarcastic towards his enemies and enjoys irritating them. He doesn't seem to know when to stop, though, and often sends villains into a furious rampage with his taunting. Inversely, he is easily offended when taunted at himself. This wise-cracking is not limited to his enemies; he delights in calling King Croc "Cletus" and Gyro "Metalhead".

Despite his sarcastic tongue, he is generally kind-hearted when with family and loved ones. Colin is deeply in love with his significant other Holly, who also assists him in his super-heroing. He tends to think of himself as a suave Casanova-type with the ladies, which is not necessarily the truth.

However when duty calls, Colin can get serious when he needs to. He has an undying sense of loyalty and can be a natural leader when the time calls for it. He has a surprisingly quick mind when coming up with plans (although these plans are usually full of holes and always involve some improvisation).


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Colin Cain, once outfitted with the cybernetic spine, was granted with abilities beyond the boundaries of normal humans. Colin is able to lift extremely heavy objects, with a known maximum weight of 3,000 pounds, as well as absorb blows and take damage that would kill or seriously maim a normal man. Colin Cain is capable of running at a maximum of 30 mph for up to several minutes at a time and possesses equally-faster reflexes. Colin is extremely flexible, which is useful for fighting in tight spaces.
  • Bio-Man Suit: Colin is outfitted with the Bio-Man Suit, a flexible spandex suit that attached to the cybernetic spine and comes equipped with a variety of animal-themed gadgets and attachments.
    • Acute Vision: The Bio-Man suit is equipped with special targeting lens within the eyes of the mask. These targeting sensors allow Colin to accurately pinpoint specific targets from a vast distances and adjust his strategies accordingly. This ability is most likely inspired by various birds of prey.
    • Flight: The backpack attached to the suit has a pair of retractable wings that Colin can release at a moment's notice and control directly with his thoughts via brain scanners in the mask. These wings are bat-like in appearance and can fly while carrying up to a ton in weight. This ability is most likely inspired by bats.
    • Prehensile Tail: Colin's belt contains a retractable, prehensile tail that acts as a grappling hook. The tail can be released and fired by clicking the suit's boots together. The tail has a maximum length of 500 feet and can be retracted or released slowly to act as a winch. This ability is most likely inspired by monkeys.
    • Retractable Claws: Colin's gloves contain thin, retractable claws similar to those of a cat. These claws can slice through reinforced steel and do not harm Colin at all when appearing or disappearing. This ability is most likely inspired by big cats.
    • Wall-Climbing: The fingertips of Colin's gloves are coated with a thousands of microscopic sticky hairs that grasp flat surfaces. This allows Colin to quickly scale vertical surfaces or crawl on the ceiling of a room. The hairs are strong enough to support Colin's body weight, even if he hangs by one hand. This ability is most likely inspired by geckos.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Colin is shown to recover from injury and other wounds very quickly. However, this doesn't make him invincible as he can still be harmed if someone were to stab or shoot him.
  • Genius-level Intellect: Colin Cain is an expert when it comes to all manner of wildlife, graduating at the top of his class with a Master's degree in Zoology and Advanced Life Sciences. He possesses an IQ of 160 and an intimate knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology, which was important when collaborating with Rutherford on the Bio-Man suit.



  • Walter Cain: Father, deceased
  • Martha Cain: Mother


  • Allen Stark: Fellow V-Ranger
  • Charles Haze: Fellow V-Ranger
  • Ruby White: Fellow V-Ranger
  • Maya Alexandra: Fellow V-Ranger
  • Dale Russell: Fellow V-Ranger
  • Holly Brooks: Girlfriend and later wife


  • Arthur Winters: Arch-enemy
  • Cecil Balkey: Enemy
  • Boris Ivanov: Enemy
  • Henry Holton: Enemy
  • Carmelita Suarez: Enemy
  • Phil Wittman: Former friend and enemy
  • Ignacio Castro: Enemy
  • Oscar Oppenheimer: Enemy and father's killer


  • Colin's name is alliterative.
  • Colin's ideal voice actor would be James Arnold Taylor, of Ratchet & Clank fame.
  • Colin will star in a video game series developed by TheAgent41 and User:LeeHatake93.
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