"I could crush your skull between my thighs without breaking a sweat!"
—Clementine Gutiérrez

Clementine Gutiérrez, more commonly known as Amazonite, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Clementine Gutiérrez resides in the Insaniteam universe.

Once the sole girl in a household with eleven older brothers, Clementine Gutiérrez toughened herself up with cave spelunking and later became a folk hero in her local coal mine. After losing her job, she stole the mining company's supersonic mining cannon and fled town, becoming the Insaniteam's resident heavy weapons expert.


Clementine Gutiérrez was born in the small town of Fiddlesticks, Texas, to a diner waitress named Tara and an undocumented Mexican immigrant named Ricardo. Clementine was born as the youngest of twelve children in a lower class home; all eleven of her siblings were boys against whom she was forced to compete for their parents' attention.

Deciding she needed to be toughened up in order to survive in her male-dominated household, Clementine took up extreme sports, primarily cave spelunking. Her athleticism and tough, persistent attitude allowed her to prevail amongst her sibling. She soon took up a job in the town's local coal mine, where she became legendary for her sheer strength and stamina.

Unfortunately, her idyllic life came to an end when her superiors announced that they were closing down the mines for good, putting her out of a job. As one last spiteful action against the owners of the mine, she stole a powerful supersonic mining device and fled town. She eventually ran into the Insaniteam while on a mission and she agreed to join.


Amazonite is a large muscular woman of half-Caucasian/half-Mexican heritage. Her eyes are a dull blue color and her hair is dark aquamarine in color with white highlights. She wears aquamarine lipstick.

Her armor consists of a large aquamarine chest plate, a pair of armored, aquamarine gloves with dark aquamarine highlights, a pair of dark gray spandex leggings, a set of aquamarine leg armor with dark aquamarine highlights, and a pair of aquamarine armored boots with dark aquamarine toes.

Her armor has no sleeves, revealing a tattoo of the planet Earth on her left bicep.


Amazonite is a very masculine individual, similar to a tomboy, likely due to having to live and compete with eleven older brothers. She enjoys extreme sports, working with her hands, and roughhousing.

She is somewhat condescending to her enemies, belittling them and overemphasizing how physically weak they are compared to her. In reality, she is a rather nice, amiable person when not on the battlefield, but her tendency to trash-talk opponents (again, probably stemming from her brothers) gets the better of her in the heat of battle.

Amazonite is much more intelligent than anyone gives her credit for. She may not have gone to college (or even finished high school), but if there's one subject in which she is an expert, it's geology, particularly gemology. Her years of spelunking in caves and working in the coal mine have given her a great knowledge and appreciation of all types of minerals.


  • Sonic Slammer: Amazonite is armed with a supersonic mining cannon that emits powerful sound waves. These sound pulses are capable of launching enemies into the air and into hazards. In addition, the Sonic Slammer's alt-fire allows Amazonite to project a temporary force field in front of her for a short time.
  • Crystal Club: Amazonite wields a large spiked club made entirely of her gemstone namesake. She can use this as a powerful melee weapon.
  • Quake Grenade: Amazonite is also armed with special grenades invented by Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things, that drill into the ground on impact and cause small, localized earthquakes nearby.
  • Crystal Barricade: This ability allows Amazonite to create a large wall of crystals that emerge from the ground, blocking off narrow passageways and damaging enemies they emerge underneath.
  • Muscle Massive: This ability makes Amazonite immune to any weapons or abilities that would attempt to move her around, like Deep Trouble's Brine Cannon.



  • Ricardo Gutiérrez: Father
  • Tara Gutiérrez: Mother
  • Unnamed siblings: Eleven unnamed brothers


  • Insaniteam: An elite task force of insane soldiers who offer their services to the highest bidder.
    • Pinpoint the Velociraptor: Teammate
    • Deep Trouble: Teammate
    • Roxy Octane: Teammate
    • Geiger: Teammate
    • Sophie Rousseau: Teammate and crush
    • Bigfeetz the Sasquatch: Teammate
    • Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things: Teammate
    • Wizard Puppy: Teammate
    • Mr. Tatters: Teammate
    • Radical Randy: Teammate


  • Amazonite's name and color scheme come from the gemstone of the same name.
  • Amazonite's appearance, particularly her muscular figure and large hair, was inspired by the character "Jasper" from Steven Universe.
  • Amazonite's home town of Fiddlesticks is a direct reference to the League of Legends character of the same name.
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