"Bow down, chumps, before the might of Carl, Destroyer of Planets...and other such things."
—Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things

Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Carl, Destroyer of Planets and Other Such Things, resides in the Insaniteam universe.

Although he possesses grand delusions of conquering Earth and becoming the Supreme Overlord of all he surveys, this foul-mouthed sentient sock puppet's loose grasp on reality, manchild tendencies, and hyperactive behavior combine to make sure that he is as little a threat to the world at large as one possibly can be.


Carl was originally a normal puppet who served as the mascot of a low-budget, homemade, public access children's science-themed puppet show filmed in the basement of show creator Carl Carlos McCarlson, Carl's namesake. However, when Carl's puppeteer quit pursuing a career on the Broadway show Avenue Q, McCarlson decided to, instead of simply hiring a new puppeteer or doing it himself, use black magic to bring Carl to life. Unfortunately, although the ritual was a success, Carl became evil and desired to use the science he once used to teach to children as a tool for causing destruction, mayhem, and minor inconveniences.


Carl is a four-foot, vaguely humanoid character. His body consists of a dark blue, child-sized astronaut suit with light gray trim on the neck hole, wrists, and ankles, as well as a gray band around the waist. He wears heavy astronaut boots and his hands are actually just white mittens. Carl's head consists of a white sock puppet sticking out of the neck hole, and his eyes are essentially ping-pong balls with black dots.


Carl is an insane, hyperactive individual with clear symptoms of bipolar disorder and ADHD. He has trouble controlling the volume of his voice and thus has a tendency to randomly shout certain words at the top of his nonexistent lungs. He shows a very loose grasp of reality, mostly in terms of how he thinks others view him and what things his puppet-like nature does and does not allow him to do (like, eat food for example). His loose grasp on reality and hyperactivity cause him to come across as an immature manchild with little to no filter on what comes out of his mouth.

Despite his eccentric personality, Carl is the only explicitly evil member of the team and has grand delusions of conquering the Earth. However, it is clear to literally everyone around him that his child-like behavior and short attention span make him about as much of a threat to the world at large as a child with a BB gun.


  • Smog Sprayer: This weapon sprays out a thick green cloud of smoke that obscures vision and induces coughing fits, giving away the positions of any enemy soldiers who might be trying to be stealthy.
  • Beaver-O-Ray: Using this strange raygun, Carl has the ability to transform people into helpless beavers by holding the beam on them long enough.
  • TrapMaster: Carl wields this tablet computer-like device, which allows him to summon one of several different types of traps. He can summon:
    • Sploosh Mine: A landmine that sprays out a sticky, movement-hindering, glue-like substance when approached
    • Trapwire: A tripwire that, if triggered, traps its victim in a net hanging from a small helicopter rotor
    • Concussion Mine: A landmine that releases a deafening blast of sound that deafens enemies when approached
    • Sp00pwire: A tripwire that, if triggered, creates a loud noise and causes the victim to hallucinate a ferocious demon, effectively jump scaring them
  • Robo-Bug: This ability allows Carl to control a small robotic insect. When piloting it, Carl is completely immobile, but he can drive it towards any of Sophie's plants to slowly drain their health.
  • E.M.T.: This ability, dubbed the "Electromagnetic Troll", instantly cancels out the active and passive abilities of any enemy in range if Carl is killed.



  • Carl Carlos McCarlson: Creator, "father", and namesake


  • Insaniteam: An elite task force of insane soldiers who offer their services to the highest bidder.
    • Pinpoint the Velociraptor: Teammate
    • Deep Trouble: Teammate
    • Roxy Octane: Teammate
    • Geiger: Teammate
    • Sophie Rousseau: Teammate
    • Bigfeetz the Sasquatch: Teammate
    • Amazonite: Teammate
    • Wizard Puppy: Teammate
    • Mr. Tatters: Teammate
    • Radical Randy: Teammate


  • Carl has the longest name of any member of his team.
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