"Avast, ye purple dog! Hand over yer Opals and ye won't be gutted!"
—Captain Cornelius Grum

Captain Cornelius Grum is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Captain Cornelius Grum resides in the Goop universe.

The dastardly and greedy captain of the massive pirate ship known as the Bilge Rat, Captain Grum is the scourge of the six Gooptonian seas. Along with his stoic-yet-powerful first mate Crunch the Gargoyle, Captain Cornelius Grum sails the oceans looking for poor, unfortunate souls to shanghai and rob of all of their valuables. He's infamous across the planet for his trademark Hand Cannon, which makes the perfect weapon for his not-so-noble lifestyle.


Captain Grum first met Goop during King Grex's initial takeover of the Gooptar Kingdom, as Goop was passing through the island of Paradise Isle on his adventures. On his way, Goop was captured by the dastardly Captain Grum and his First Mate, Crunch the Gargoyle. Goop managed to escape from the brig, only to find himself on the deck of the Bilge Rat, a massive pirate ship the size of a cruise ship. Captain Grum and Crunch pursued Goop throughout the ship before the two parties eventually confronted each other for a massive battle atop the crow's nest of the ship. Grum and Crunch tag-teamed against Goop, but they were no match for his shape-shifting abilities. At the battle's end, Grum and Crunch were left aboard the damaged ship as it slowly sank towards Davy Jone's Locker.


Grum is a male Gooptar and thus, his main characteristics are his duckbill, his oversized stubby hands, and the large crest on the back of his head, which is pointed and bends slightly upwards. He constantly wears a black eye patch on his left eye, a red-and-white dotted bandana, and a brown leather strap across his torso, as well as tattered blue shorts. He has a small tail, which is usually pointed upwards. His irises are red, the same as his skin. His nostrils, although not visible, are on the underside of his bill. He also has a jagged, black beard.


Grum is a traditional pirate, in every stereotypical sense of the word. He seems to be out of touch with modern day society, and still believes in old pirate notions such as making people walk the plank, which he attempts to do to Goop. Grum is very greedy, similar to Norm and Frogrump, as he only seems to care about Goop's treasure (his Magic Opals).


  • Swordsmanship: Captain Grum is a skilled swordsman after years of being a pirate captain. Despite his gruff and burly exterior, he always shows extreme finesse and grace during combat and is an expert at advanced sword fighting maneuvers.
  • Hand Cannon: Captain Grum's trademark weapon aside from his trusty cutlass is his Hand Cannon, a small portable pirate cannon he can wield like a gun. This gun has an ammunition capacity that far exceeds what the physical dimensions of it would allow, as it fires full-sized cannonballs and can even be charged up for more power.



  • Crunch the Gargoyle: First Mate



  • Grum's ideal voice actor would be American voice actor Jim Cummings.
  • Captain Grum will be a recurring minor antagonist of a video game series developed by TheAgent41.
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