"Come here, animal boy! Pangolin is going to make you extinct!"
—Boris Ivanovsky

Boris Ivanovsky, also known as the Pangolin, is an original character designed by TheAgent41. Boris Ivanovsky resides in the Vengeance universe.

Once a two-bit bank robber who immigrated to the United States from Moscow, Russia, Boris's life was changed when he was inadvertently introduced to a powerful suit of armor modeled after pangolins and armadillos. Realizing that the armor would make him even more of an unmovable juggernaut, Boris formed a partnership with Arthur Winters (a.k.a. Frostbite) to take over New Metro City for his own personal gain.


Boris grew up in Moscow, Russia, in a family of no-good, two-bit thugs. His parents were some of the most wanted criminals in all of Russia, particularly for their bank robberies and other acts of theft and vandalism. After his parents were eventually apprehended by the authorities during the Cold War, Boris managed to escape as a teenager and immigrate to America.

Unfortunately, the new life in the United States did nothing to curb his need to commit illegal activities that he had inherited from his parents. After a string of successful bank robberies in New Metro City, California, that managed to put him on local authorities' radar, he was apprehended and sentenced to life in the Fenbrook State Penitentiary. However, several months after being locked up, he and several of his fellow inmates were secretly (and illegally) transferred from Fenbrook to Cortech Industries to be used as test subjects.

Unfortunately for New Metro, Boris managed to escape captivity and, while running from Cortech's security forces, came across a cybernetic set of armadillo-like armor. Boris, in a rare example of smart thinking by him, donned the armor and broke out of the Cortech headquarters, where he began a new reign of terror as the Pangolin.


Boris is a 6'5" Caucasian male. He is extremely muscular, with a bodybuilder-like physique and large muscles. He is bald and has brown eyes, a large jawline, and large eyebrows. Boris at first wears a standard orange prison jumpsuit when first introduced, but he soon acquires the Pangolin armor. He has three metallic bands on each arm (on the wrist, the elbow, and the shoulder). Boris' Pangolin armor consists of a series of metallic armadillo-like bands that run down Boris' back. It also has a belt with a long tail attached. Boris wears black pants and black, high-tech military boots. He has a hairy chest and hands.


Boris is very hot-headed and quick to anger, possessing many anger issues. He is very boastful and egotistical, referring to Bio-Man as "puny animal boy". He speaks in the third person; once he becomes the Pangolin, he only refers to himself as such and never again as his real name. He is extremely violent and somewhat insane, preferring to punch first and not bother asking questions later. He is rather unintelligent, becoming confused by large words (which only makes him angrier). He is always raring to fight someone (mainly Bio-Man) and relishes in causing destruction.


  • Immense strength: Even without the Pangolin armor, Boris is incredibly powerful in terms of brute strength. With the armor, his strength is only further increased. The Pangolin is capable of lifting several objects that weigh several tons in weight, and his physical attacks are strong enough to send his enemies flying. He is also capable of absorbing blows that would kill a normal human being.
  • Rolling abilities: Using the Pangolin armor, Boris is capable of curling into a giant metal sphere and rolling about at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. At these speeds, a direct impact from him would be more than deadly to the average human and still near fatal to most superhumans.
    • Gyroscopic sensors: The Pangolin armor is outfitted with gyroscopic sensors that keep Boris's body gyroscopically stable while rolling as the rest of the armor rotates and rolls around him. These sensors also detect incoming obstacles and allow Boris to navigate his environment even when he can't technically see anything.
  • Bulletproof armor: Obviously, the Pangolin armor is incredibly tough and is resistant to extreme heat and most calibers of bullets. From behind, Boris is almost entirely bulletproof (except for his legs). This makes attacking him from long-range risky as most projectiles will be very ineffective.



  • Arthur Winters: Former partner-in-crime



  • Boris's ideal voice actor would be American voice actor David Ogden Stiers.
  • Boris's middle name "Josef" is derived from former Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.
  • Boris will appear in a video game series developed by TheAgent41 and User:LeeHatake93.
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