• Flockfantrekkie


    February 16, 2019 by Flockfantrekkie

    |image1 = File:NoImage.svg |caption1 = Artwork |fan/original = Original |universe = Caurinus |creator = KayRaven |full_name = Razor |alias(es) = Aaron Silver (birth name); Lucifer Reider (legal name) |birthplace = Montana |residence = Alaska |species = Ave type 2 |age = 30 |gender = Male |height = 6' |weight = 120 lbs (110 adjusted) }} }} ' is [a/an] [original/fan] character designed by [your username]. resides in the [series the character belongs to] universe.

    [short introductory paragraph giving a brief overview of the character]

    Razor was born Aaron Silver in Helena, Montana in 1994. There, he met his best friend, Nicholas Stone. In 2012, the two of them moved to Portland, Oregon for college, and stayed there until 2017. In January of 2018, …

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  • Junkodefiant

    Chapter 8: Plague in Hong Kong

                Sharan and Kronos stared down the six Titans in front of them. The Tone, Scorch, Legion, Ion, Northstar and Ronin Titans were slowly barreling towards them. Kronos engaged with the Ronin first, ripped the sword from it and impaled it through the cockpit only to yank it out cleanly.

                “These Titans are unmanned,” Sharan shouted on her comms.

                Omar jumped onto Kronos’s back and the O.S. recognized him. Blacksight did the same.

                “Sharan,” Omar said on the comms, “We need to take the fight away from the civilians, lead the Titans into the city.”

                “Yes sir,” she said, “Did you hear that Kronos?”

                “Understood,” Kronos said, “Expanding mission parameters.”


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  • Junkodefiant

    Chapter 7: Parade of Fortune’s Foolish

                Omar, Sharan and Kronos arrived with Blacksight at a local airport 50 miles outside of Hong Kong. The Condor touched down on the tarmac and the Omar, Sharan and Blacksight unloaded from the transport while Kronos was held in its restraints despite slightly struggling to break free. A limousine was waiting for them where a woman wearing a sapphire cocktail dress belonging to some Paris fashion designer brand looked at them both and scoffed at their appearance.

                “Miss Sharan and Mr. Eskanzano,” she said with an Italian accent, “You are the guests of honor of Mrs. Rokenza. How can you dress so absurdly regular for this very important gathering?”

                Omar walked up to her with a p…

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  • Junkodefiant

    Chapter 1: Just Another Day on the IMC’s Earth

                Sharan Musaah, a human girl born in the Core system of Sol on Earth, awoke in her studio apartment in the overdeveloped region of Palestine near the Israeli border. Getting out of bed she looked down at the hijab that lay next to her bed and cursed under her breath.             “Shit,” she said, “It’s been decades since those Islamic terrorist factions and I still have to wear this bloody thing? Damned religious bigots.”

                She grabbed the black and red fabric and tied it around her shoulder length hair, to hide it like so many Islamic bastards believed she was at fault for causing them sin. Sharan didn’t bother taking a shower, she wanted to spite her boss at Hammond Robotics, …

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  • TheAgent41

    Fake Movie Blog

    October 8, 2017 by TheAgent41

    Here's some fake movies based on my characters. Just an excuse to cast some characters.

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  • TheAgent41

    This is a list of voice actors I would want voicing all of my characters on the wiki. This list is a work in progress.

    Character Voice Actor
    Arthur Winters Idris Elba
    Bing the Gooptar Eric Knobel
    Boris Ivanovsky Dave Bautista
    Carl, Destroyer of Planet
    sand Other Such Things Bobcat Goldthwait
    Carnem Dee Snider
    Colin Cain James Arnold Taylor
    Crocrump Jim Cummings
    Dale Russell Michael Rooker
    Draclo Frank Welker
    Earthsquirm John DiMaggio
    Goggles the Centipede Josh Gad
    Goop the Gooptar Justin Long
    Gordon Raines Tom Kane
    Henry Holton Ernie Hudson
    King Reginald Grex User:TheAgent41
    Marco the Elder Billy West
    Moki the Grumbly Richard Steven Horvitz
    Norm McBones Jack Douglass
    Oktor von Derwiff Andy Dick
    Princess Blossom the Gooptar Hynden Walch
    Ruby White Jennifer Hale

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  • TheAgent41

    Making this blog for User:LeeHatake93. This future handheld console idea is actually his; I'm just making a blog for it.

    The LegendGames Prism, formerly to be titled LegendGames 3PC or LegendGames 3-D Personal Console, is a handheld video game console developed by LegendGames Entertainment.

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  • LeeHatake93

    OC Names

    August 1, 2017 by LeeHatake93

    This is a compilation of my characters' full names, for future reference.

    • Full Name: Alistair Isaac Haze
    • Alias: Alistair, Professor Haze

    • Full Name: Rachel Amelia Steele
    • Alias: Brimstone

    • Full Name: Cordelia Darcy Belmont
    • Alias: Deathcap

    • Full Name: Dylan Lee Holmes
    • Alias: Quantum Blue (Previously)

    • Full Name: Virgil Eugene Brooks
    • Alias: Enzyme

    • Full Name: Allen Joseph Stark
    • Alias: Gyro

    • Full Name: Charles Neil Haze
    • Alias: Specter, Haze, Neil

    • Full Name: Alyssa Nicole Holmes
    • Alias: Quantum Red (Previously), Kamui

    • Full Name: Richard Ian Krueger
    • Alias: Knightmare

    • Full Name: Amanda May Anderson
    • Alias: Amy, Maya Alexandra, Maya

    • Full Name: Exel Takashi
    • Alias: Pulse, Axel

    • Full Name: Magnus Armund Steele
    • Alias: Tetanus

    • Full Name: Jackson Ray Marston
    • Game: GTA Online

    • Full Name: Zu…

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  • Chica Nunnally

    Yeah, I'm in need of help for names.

    I just decided that Viola will be the leader of her own team. Only, I'm having trouble deciding on names for her teammates (one of them will be a Faunus) and the team name.

    If you have a suggestion, please mention them in a comment. Just make sure the name follows the Color Naming Rule.

    P.S. After creating the whole team, I may consider creating a villain character for Viola and her team to fight.

    Um, never mind. I decided to scrap the idea. Plus, I don't even know if Atlas Academy does the initiation thing like Beacon does.

    If Rooster Teeth answers certain questions and such, I may change that.

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  • TheAgent41

    Vengeance Characters

    February 11, 2017 by TheAgent41

    This is a place where User:LeeHatake93 and I can post a list of all of our superheroes and villains.

    Full Name Codename Main Powers
    Allen Stark Gyro Control over technology
    Charles Haze Haze Control over steam
    Colin Cain Bio-Man


    Prehensile Tail

    Dale Russell King Croc Transform into a human/crocodile dragon hybrid
    Dylan Holmes TBA Control over gravity
    Maya Alexandra Maya Control over electricity
    Ruby White Red-Tail



    Daniel Dalby Blue Phantom Ability to move between human and spirit worlds
    Virgil Brooks Enzyme Ability to absorb physical properties of objects

    Full Name Codename Main Powers
    Solomon Nocturne Kage Mozo Control over his shadow

    Full Name Codename Main Powers
    Alistair Haze Alistair Control over glass
    Alyssa Holmes Kamui…

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  • TheAgent41

    Potential Universe Logos

    December 15, 2016 by TheAgent41

    Making this blog as a place to put the logos of all fictional universes which could conceivably have OCs in the future. Feel free to suggest universes in the comments and I will try to regularly update this.

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  • DUBSTEPxSonic

    Void Hunters is a American Manga Series taking place in Modern Times. Where Modern Tech has florished, people are constantly at a Crisis due to war and conflit, and Mythilogical Creatures Co-Exist with the modern world.

    The Story focuses on one Demi-Devil named Ryder, who is tasked to take down the Void Walkers to keep the balance between Light and Dark from becoming unstable. He gains new friends in his path to defeat the Master Void Walker and end the conflict once and for all.

    Here you will Find links to the Characters, Read about the locations, and much more.

    Please Note that this will constantly be under cunstruction, due to everything being made from scratch.

    • Ryder LeFlame Tones

    Humans are Mortal being that are unique in their own right. …

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  • TheAgent41

    Fake Templates for Fun

    October 6, 2016 by TheAgent41

    This is my blog to put fake templates for various people I want on the wiki.

    For the user, see User:ChrisChan.
    Allison AmberAngelica RosechuBionic the HedgehogBlake SonichuBubbles RosechuChris-Chan
    Count GraduonDarkbind SonichuFlame the SunbirdJamsta SonichuJiggliamiKel FelixLayla Flaafy
    Magi-Chan SonichuMegagi La SkunkMetal SonichuPatti-ChanPunchy SonichuReginald Sneasel
    Reldnahc NaitsirhcRosechuSailor MegtuneSilvana RosechuSimonla RosechuSlaweel Ryam
    SonichuWild SonichuZelina Rosechu

    For the user, see User:Ephemeral Rift.
    Chris CrinkleCorvus ClemmonsDeep One DaveIggy Manley
    Margaret ClemmonsProfessor ClemmonsSheldon Winslow

    For the user, see User:Phenotypical1.
    Fidlak JatedeIkeene PandoorreIndos KamenzIona'Seiphion'Dohunei AlanaJötunn Roschmondt

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  • DUBSTEPxSonic

    Blog no longer main. For Main Blog Click Here 

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  • Chica Nunnally

    A Small Decision?

    October 2, 2016 by Chica Nunnally

    Yeah, I have decided on something. Ready?

    I have decided that I'm only going to focus on the Ashworth family, plus Luna the Chao, Adriana the Lycalo, and my new werewolf character, Liara Greyson.

    I hope this decision doesn't surprise you. Also, where the heck did Adriana go from my template?!

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  • Chica Nunnally

    Sonic Boom Leah?

    September 30, 2016 by Chica Nunnally

    This is probably worthless, but what the hey? XD

    I'm sure you know about Sonic Boom; I've never seen the show, nor played the games, but I'm wondering I should try to create a Sonic Boom counterpart of my character, Leah Ashworth. I might decide to create pages of her parents, but idk.

    What do you think? Should I?

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  • TheAgent41

    Future Categories

    August 5, 2016 by TheAgent41

    This is a quick list of categories that will likely be made sometime in the future.

    • Arachnids: Contains all spiders, scorpions, ticks, and other arachnids.
    • Characters who break the fourth wall: Contains characters who frequently break the fourth wall.
    • Crustaceans: Contains all crabs, shrimps, lobsters, and other crustaceans.
    • Crystal Gems: Contains all Crystal Gems from the Steven Universe universe.
    • Echidnas: Contains all echidnas.
    • Elves: Contains all elves.
    • Fairies: Contains all fairies, pixies, brownies, and other such creatures.
    • Foxes: Contains all foxes.
    • Goblins: Contains all goblins.
    • Hedgehogs: Contains all hedgehogs.
    • Horses: Contains all horses.
    • Insects: Contains all insects.
    • Lagomorphs: Contains all rabbits, hares, and pikas.
    • Marsupials: Contains all marsupials,…
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  • LeeHatake93

    Le Gallery de Moi

    August 1, 2016 by LeeHatake93

    So, with the randomly thrown-together title, I present a gallery I'll be using for characters.

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